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I'm just a guy that loves porting and/or supporting video games, here are some:

- 2016 -
Mighty No. 9 (Mac/Linux)
Super TIME Force Ultra (Mac/Linux)
Hyper Light Drifter (PS4/XB1/Win/Mac/Linux)
Quadrilateral Cowboy (Win/Mac/Linux)
Darkest Dungeon (Linux)
Sunless Sea (Linux)
- 2015 -
Xenonauts (Mac/Linux)
SOMA (Mac/Linux)
Shadow Warrior (Mac/Linux)
La-Mulana (Mac/Linux)
Super Splatters (Linux)
- 2014 -
Outland (Win/Mac/Linux)
Braid (Win/Mac/Linux)
Democracy 3 (iPad)
Hoard (Win/Mac/Linux)
- 2013 -
Changed some diapers...
- 2012 -
Snapshot (Win)
- In Development -
Unannounced stuff I never know if I can talk about...

If you're a game developer that would prefer not to worry about PC, Console and/or Mobile platform B.S., hit me up:

Got interviewed:

Interview With Linux Game Porter Knockout Games, Porter Of Shadow Warrior & More

Got casted:

Special Guest on SteamLUG Cast

Talked about something:

Slides With Notes (PDF)

Video of the Talk